About Us


Monterey Rec. Soccer (MRS) is a group of local soccer enthusiasts that supports recreational soccer activities on the Monterey Peninsula. At MRS we believe that player-centered and family-friendly soccer activities can make a positive difference in our communities. We’ll do our best to support local programs that put thousands of players on the field season after season. MRS will also encourage soccer supporters to create new programs that reach out to new players and increase soccer participation in our area.


Youth programs In addition to supporting local soccer organizations, we offer our own soccer clinics and instructional leagues.

Publicity Our Upcoming Activities page and Program Directory provide basic information and contacts for local leagues, clinics, tournaments, pickup games, viewing parties and other soccer activities.

Volunteer Opportunities If you want to get involved as a coach, referee or organizer, contact us and we’ll try to hook you up with a local program.

Startup tips Would you like to start you own soccer program? MRS can provide tips and ideas to help soccer supporters create new and innovative activities that meet the unique needs of diverse groups in our communities.

Coaches’ and Parents’ Support We encourage coaches and parents to create a unique synergy that boosts player development and love of the game. The MRS Coaches’ and Parents’ page will:

  • Help beginning coaches run engaging and effective practices;
  • Encourage parents to organize local pickup games and other unstructured play.


MRS wants to connect with soccer enthusiasts that want to help build a strong Monterey Peninsula soccer community. Please email coachrick1984@att.net to join us if you:

  • Like to play, coach or watch soccer;
  • Enjoy organizing soccer activities;
  • Enjoy socializing and networking with soccer enthusiasts;
  • Want to publicize the great things that your organization is doing in our community.


Rick Crow
Director, Monterey Rec Soccer